• Daily Bible classes encourage young hearts to develop strong character and to learn to make wise choices.

  • Students sing traditional and new Christian songs that reinforce the concepts learned in Bible class.

  • Godly Christian teachers use teachable moments throughout the day to help students apply Bible concepts to their daily lives.




  • Bridge books help students retain the knowledge they have gained from one semester to the next.

  • Quiet time for homework is strictly enforced.

  • Qualified teachers provide daily help with homework.




Field Trips

  • Trips to the zoo, the observatory, the pumpkin patch, the orchard, the park, the Splash Pad, and many others make students eager to come to School Age program weeks.

  • Fees for field trips and signed permissions are conveniently handled at the beginning of each program thereby eliminating daily hassles with small fees and permission slips.

Special Days

  • Water days, which include our own water slide and other water toys, are always a hit with our students!

  • Messy Art days are opportunites to develop creativity and just mess around.

  • Bike and Scooter days give students a chance to show off new skills.

  • Movie and popcorn days give students a chance to relax in a safe, healthy environment.