The Greatest Help

Psalm 121:2, "My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth."

The Psalmist in this chapter speaks of a time when help is needed from above. Webster's dictionary defines "help" as "to lend strength or means toward effecting a purpose." The Psalmist turns his expectation toward Heaven, he is seeking and desiring the greatest help and that would be from God our Divine Helper. When do we find ourselves in need of God's help? I would submit to you as a Christian we need God's help on a daily basis. Yes, there are times in life when our circumstances make us more acutely aware of our need for help. We may be in a situation where we are being attacked by others, or the extent of a trial that God has allowed to come into our lives requires an extra measure of His mercy and grace. But do we not need God's help always? I need His enabling power, I need His leadership, I need Him to provide endurance for the day, etc.

May we never take for granted our need for God's help, and may we realize that His is the greatest help. Gill writes, God "Who helps his people out of the hands of all their enemies, and out of all their troubles and afflictions; he helps them in the performance of duty, in the exercise of grace, in bearing the cross, in fighting the Lord's battles, and on in their journey; he helps them to all blessings, temporal and spiritual; to all needful supplies of grace here, and glory hereafter; and this help he gives is quick and present, suitable and seasonable, is sufficient, and sometimes with, and sometimes without means; and they have great encouragement to expect it from him, since he is able to give it, being the Maker of heaven and earth; for what is it that he cannot do, who has made both them? And besides, he has promised to help them, and he is faithful that has promised." Amen, and thank you Lord for helping us!

Have a great day looking to the LORD for help.

Your Friend and HIS,

Pastor Abbott


1. Why would you say God’s help is the greatest help?

2. In what area of your life do sense needing God the most?

3. Is there any area in your life where you don’t need God’s help?

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