More Than Enough

Exodus 36: 6-7, "....So the people were restrained from bringing. For the stuff they had was sufficient for all the work to make it, and too much."

As the children of Israel began the work on the tabernacle there was an overwhelming response.  The people gave willingly of their substance to the point they were restrained from bringing more because they had brought "too much."

It is amazing how light the burden can be when everyone gives what they can with a spirit of cooperation and willingness.  Most often, God uses people to meet the needs they perceive before them.  Nothing much has ever been accomplished by one person, but when people ban together for a common cause, the end result is multiplied over and over again.

The lesson to apply concerns our individual involvement and our corporate cooperation.  Are we doing our part, and are we participating within the goals of the team?  In this case, the team I'm talking about is the local church.  The church is made up of a corporate group (an assembly) of baptized believing individuals who should be aiming for the same goals.  It would be mind boggling if the church (world-wide) would say one day, "we can't find one person on earth who is lost, they have all been won to Jesus!" At that point in time we could say what we had done "was enough."  However, we must remember it isn't enough until the task has been accomplished.

Let's keep doing our part individually to help the church advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!  Wouldn't it be great to hear "it is enough, thou good and faithful servant."

Your Friend and HIS,
Pastor Abbott 


1.  What is your attitude towards giving to the work of the Lord?

2.  Do you faithfully and regularly give of the substance God has given you to help advance your local church?

3.  Are you allowing others to carry your responsibility in giving?

4.  If you don't give to God's work, what are your reasons?  Are they valid?  

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