Living Circumspectly

Exodus 23:13, "And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make not mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth."


God wanted Moses and the children of Israel to be careful and attentive to the things He had said unto them for the sake of obedience to Him. Obedience is almost impossible if we aren't careful with the Word of God. Therefore, He commands them to be circumspect. The word literally speaks of "looking around on all sides." It carries with it the idea of being cautious, vigilant, careful, and attentive.

God does not want us to be careless with His Word, He desires that we live circumspectly. Ephesians 5:15-17 says, "See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, 16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. 17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is."  Your desire to walk circumspectly is an indication of your desire to have a right relationship with the Lord.  How is your walk today?  Have you failed to be careful and attentive to church attendance?  Have you failed to be careful and attentive to bible reading, witnessing, prayer...  Examine your life, and if there is an area that doesn't indicate you are walking circumspectly ask God to forgive you, and change it for His glory. 

Let's live every day being careful with the Word. May we not be unwise, but understanding what is the will of the Lord.

Have a Spirit filled day!

Your Friend and HIS,

Pastor Abbott


1.  Do you live your life circumspectly or carelessly?

2.  Why is it important to live your life circumspectly?

3.  Is it possible to live in obedience to God without knowing what the Bible says?

4.  How is your walk today?  Does it reflect a consistent walk with the Lord?  If not, what needs to change?

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