God Rested From His Perfect Work

God's Rested From His Perfect Work

God in His great power spoke the world into existence in six 24 hour days.  God's own commentary about His work is found in Genesis 1:31, "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good."  God made a perfect earth, man brought a curse upon it through his disobedience.  Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary states in reference to Genesis 2:1-2, "God did not rest as one weary, but as one well pleased. Notice the beginning of the kingdom of grace, in the sanctification, or keeping holy, of the sabbath day. The solemn observing of one day in seven as a day of holy rest and holy work, to God's honour, is the duty of all to whom God has made known his holy sabbaths. At this time none of the human race were in being but our first parents. For them the sabbath was appointed; and clearly for all succeeding generations also. The Christian sabbath, which we observe, is a seventh day, and in it we celebrate the rest of God the Son, and the finishing the work of our redemption."

It is important that we understand the principle of rest and dedicated worship.  As Henry notes, "God did not rest as one weary, but as one well pleased."  God was well pleased with what He had created.  God in His infinite might and strength was not wearied by speaking the world into existence.  Can you rest after a good week of labor?  Can you view the things you do on a weekly basis as having the blessing of the Almighty upon them?  We need to rest from our labors in order to rejuvenate, to reflect, and maintain a holy direction in our lives. 

Now for understanding the principle of a day being holy, being sanctified and established for the purpose of worship.  The Christian sabbath is Sunday.  It is a solemn day when our churches meet to worship the great God we serve.  It is a day of resting in the redemptive work of Jesus.  It is a day to rest from our own labors, and it is a day to celebrate Christ's conquering of death, hell, and the grave.  Jesus' gave His life on the cross and then proclaimed, "It is finished."

May we return to those days when individuals understood the principle of rest and worship.  Set aside Sunday as a day for you and your family to rest and to worship the God who loves us and gave Himself for us.


1.  Labor is directed by God and is necessary for every person, but do you work so much that you fail to rest and worship?

2.  Have you done things on Sunday that have kept you from worshiping God in the local church with other believers?  What do you need to do in order to change this behavior?

3.  Do you understand the importance of rest and worship.  Have you dedicated yourself to keep a godly balance of both in your life?

4.  We have much to celebrate in Christ, do you read His Word, do you pray frequently and earnestly, do you attend church faithfully?  Answer each individually and determine how you will change your life.

Your Friend and HIS,

Pastor Abbott

Brownsburg BaptistComment