Good Morning,

Psalm 42:5, "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me?  hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance."

It is obvious in today's verse the Psalmist is experiencing an inward condition that isn't healthy for victorious Christian living.  It is as though in one portion of the verse he states the condition (he is cast down and disquieted); but he questions why he allows himself to be in this condition; and finally gives the remedy to overcome this inward turmoil and despondency.  GOD WILL RESCUE THOSE WHO POSSESS A GENUINE HOPE IN HIM!!!

Barnes' Notes on the Bible states in relation to this verse:  "This is an earnest remonstrance addressed by himself to his own soul, as if there were really no occasion for this excessive depression; as if he cherished his grief improperly. There was a brighter side, and he ought to turn to that, and take a more cheerful view of the matter. He had allowed his mind to rest on the dark side, to look at the discouraging things in his condition. He now felt that this was in some measure voluntary, or had been indulged too freely, and that it was wrong: that it was proper for a man like him to seek for comfort in brighter views; that it was a duty which he owed to himself and to the cause of religion to take brighter views."

The cure for his weakened view (cast down), the cure for his inward turbulence (disquieted), is hope in God.  Hope has the idea of waiting with expectation.  We know with God all things are possible, but we often refuse to allow hope to rule.  We side rather with a negative, defeated, melancholic condition, and dismiss the opportunities presented to us by a God who can do all things and desires to be the One Who helps by rescuing us. 

How are you doing today?  Have you embraced a defeated, down trodden, position concerning life?  Or have you turned to look fully into the face of God, and in faith began to praise Him for the help you know He can bring if you will live embracing hope that is placed in Him?  Don't allow the devil to rob you of the present or the future.  Turn to the Lord embracing hope, and it will surprise you the difference God can make.  Verse 11 in this same chapter speaks by adding:  "...hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, WHO IS THE HEALTH OF MY COUNTENANCE, AND MY GOD."

Plan to live victoriously looking to the God of hope!

Your friend,


Pastor Mike Abbott