Good Morning,

Isaiah 17:7, "At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel."

If you are one of God's children and you see yourself drifting away, then get ready for some trouble to come your way. God in His love uses trouble to mold and shape our character.  He uses trouble to re-adjust our wayward path to turn us back to Himself.   It is important to be in touch with your heart at all times.  It doesn't take long to slide away from a place that you have had and that is both important and precious.

The context of this passage is a message God gave Isaiah concerning Damascus.  National afflictions and judgments often have the effect to turn the eyes of even a wicked and rebellious people to God.  9/11 had this impact upon many in the United States.  We felt the danger and vulnerabilities, and we realized if even for a short time, that no one but God can protect us, and for a time people were praying in their humiliation seeking God's divine protection.

Our verse explains all this when it says "At that day shall a man look to his Maker..."  Instead of confiding in their strongly fortified places and military, they shall look for help and protection from the God who made or created them.  "...his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel."  to have respect is to "pay high regard" and to look up to.  Their attitude will change about the Holy One of Israel.  The One we spoke of yesterday who is Holy and Just.  As the Syrians were allied with the kingdom of Samaria or Ephraim, they were, of course, acquainted with the true God, and in some sense acknowledged Him.  In these times of impending calamity, they would be led to seek the Holy One of Israel, and implore His aid and protection. 

Some will change permanently because of calamity, while others will change temporarily and turn back to their old ways.  May we learn from the trials of life and seek the permanent change God desires as He molds and shapes our lives.

Have a great day!

Your Friend in HIM,

Pastor Mike Abbott

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