The church has been given two primary mandates: to magnify Christ (Ephesians 3:21) and to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). We believe a local organized church is best suited to accomplish both of these mandates. Therefore, we, at Brownsburg Baptist Church, believe it is God’s will for every Christian to put forth effort to fulfill the Great Commission. 

Believers will best fulfill their God given mandate to make disciples by: putting forth consistent individual effort to be an effective witness of the Gospel (Acts 1:8), and by cooperating with God’s plan to support missionary endeavors around the world as missionaries preach the Gospel to those beyond the scope of our own church (Mark 16:15). 

Brownsburg Baptist Church has chosen to utilize “Faith Promise” as a means to financially support the worldwide efforts of our missionaries.  We strive to encourage our missionaries through communication, prayer, and financial assistance.  Currently, 38 missionaries are supported through our faith promise missions program.



Baptist World Missions - Missions around the World

Bearing Precious Seed - Greenwood, Indiana

Good News Ministries - Indianapolis Mission

Ron & Barbara Hodge - People of Appalachia

Robert & Debbie Keeton - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Brent & Shelley Marowelli - First Bible International

Harrell & Jeannie Noble - Evangelist

Seedline International - Greencastle, Indiana



Joseph & Deborah Athyalil - India

Edwin & Sarah Chelli - India

Ben & Lauren Childs - Papua New Guinea

Brian & Amanda Collins - Zambia

Dan & Sandy DeLong - Australia

Don & Chris Dillman - Scotland

James & Carol Denman - Gospel Radio Latin America

Jeremy & Damaris Dodeler - France

Jim & Bonnie Drew - Spanish Speaking People

Mike and Cindy Haley - Botswana

William & Samantha Jeffcoat - India

Hung & Priscilla Kim - Myanmar

Nathan & Grace Kinoshita - Tokyo, Japan

Bradly & Ashley - Kubik - Mongolia

David & Betsy McCrorie - Canada

Caleb & Missy Metzger - Germany

Marco & Gwendolyn Nunez - Mexico

Vlademir & Rosa Silveira - Brazil

Richard & Teresa Smith - International Baptist Outreach

Larry & Diane Stikeleather - Philippines

Alan & Elena Sutphen - Uganda, Africa



Heritage Baptist College - Franklin, Indiana

West Coast Baptist College - Lancaster, California    

Atlantic Coast Baptist College - Laurel, Delaware

Slavic Baptist Institute - Ukraine

* Brownsburg Baptist Church has a heart to see the Gospel spread to every continent and every nation! We are proud to support the missionaries mentioned in this list, as well as others which can not be named, because of the sensitive fields in which they serve.