Teaching the Word of God to children is one of the greatest privileges we have. God has given parents the responsibility to teach their children, and we count it a great honor to be able to come alongside the parent and assist them in teaching the Bible. Whether in a Bible Club on Sunday, Children’s Church, every young person will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. We want to help equip your child with the tools necessary for living the Christian life on a daily basis. Every class or event is geared for each appropriate age level and ability. Please take a look at some of the opportunities we have available for you and your family.

Sunday Bible Clubs

Each Sunday morning we have classes for children from infants to 6th grade.  Each class is fun and centered on teaching your child the truths of God’s Word. Our greatest desire is for each child to come to know Christ, and begin to lay the foundation for living the Christian life. We hope you will visit with us soon!

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Lights - 0-2 years old

The Lights is our youngest class geared toward teaching simple Bible lessons that help them begin to understand the world around them, who they are, and who God is in relation to life. Our desire is for them to begin to learn these truths, and as they continue to grow, there desire to know more about God and His Word will grow as well.

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Explorers - K3-K5 Grade

Our class of Explorers is for those who have that beginners understanding of the Bible, but want to know more about God. Our prayer is that at this age each child will begin searching to learn more about God, and how we can have a personal relationship with Him. Join us in learning more about our Creator. 

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Disciples - 1st-3rd Grade

Our Disciples class is focused in the area of learning to become a true follower of the Lord Jesus. We desire that young people not just know about God, but learn how we can fellowship daily with Him. Come and learn with us what it truly means to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Ambassadors - 4th-6th Grade 

Our Ambassadors class goal is for each young person to become an Ambassador for the Lord Jesus.  Our prayer is that each child will not only desire to follow Him, but that they will be a living representation of Him in the world. 


Master Clubs

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Every Wednesday night, during the school year kids, from age 3 to 6th grade, meet for our Master Clubs program. Master Clubs is an award based program designed to help kids memorize Gods Word, and learn to live a genuine Christian life. Each child is given a book and a vest at the beginning of entering the program for them work with. As a child completes their work they are awarded with badges for his or her vest, and certificates for levels of completion. Master Clubs is highly affective for memorizing portions of the Bible and applying those truths to our lives in a practical way. We hope you’ll considering joining us this Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m.

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Summer Camp


Each year God allows us an opportunity to take our young people away for a week to camp. Camp is a great time for kids to get away from all the things that distract us and to focus on our spiritual life, while having a good time with all the great things camp has to offer. Although we would like to take every one it is limited to those going into the 4th grade - 6th grade. 


Activities & Outings


Throughout the year we have the privilege of holding special events and going on different activities around the area. We are able to provide a safe environment for young people to build friendships and have a great time with others their age. Please take time to view our calendar to see some of the great things, like laser tag, bowling, cookouts, baseball games, that we plan on doing in this year.